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Heirloom Portraits have become incredibly special to me. After having two children of my own, I've seen how quickly time goes by and how truly precious each stage is. Documenting those precious features really shows off your little ones in a timeless and classic art piece to cherish forever. They're only little for a little while. Take the photos, preserve those sweet memories. I would love to help you do that!

About 8 months to 10 years of age. They will need to be comfortable sitting up straight.

Heirloom Portraits are one of the easiest sessions to capture for children who don't tolerate photos well. Most of the work is the editing process. I would recommend starting with the Basic Collection. These are usually quick and easy and I can get what I need within just 5 minutes or LESS!

Personality shots are included with the All-Inclusive Collection! These shots are more of a candid-style and truly capture your little ones' authentic self. I like to let them play, dance and explore the room. (Don't worry, I won't have anything out that they can hurt or get hurt with!)
An additional backdrop or set-up is also included with this option.

You can view investment details by clicking right here!

Dressy clothing is best! Clothing they would wear to church or special event. White, Ivory, Pale Yellow, Navy, Baby Pink & Baby Blue photograph best for these. Outfits with round, square, lace or scalloped bibs/collars are ideal. It is best to avoid bright, bold and neon colors as well as stripes, patterns and large check plaid.

For the Basic Collection, you only need to worry about chest up since this will be the only portion photographed. For the All-Inclusive Collection, full body head-to-toe will be captured.  A lot of mamas prefer barefoot for these.

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